Nicaragua expels ambassador of the European Union

Nicaragua He asked the ambassador of the European Union (EU) in the Central American nation, the German Bettina Muscheidt, to leave the country in a meeting to which she was summoned on Wednesday and in which she was declared persona non grata, three sources said. diplomats with knowledge of the subject.

One of the sources said that during the meeting with Foreign Minister Denis Mocada the ambassador had been asked to leave the country on Wednesday, while the other two sources preferred not to mention a deadline.

The decision of the Government of President Daniel Ortega arrives days after the EU delegation to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly asked the mwalker “return the sovereignty of Nicaragua to the Nicaraguan people.”

ANDhe Nicaraguan government has not yet reported on what happened with Muscheidt nor has it responded to requests for confirmation of the ambassador’s departure.

The Ortega administration already declared the then Vatican ambassador in Managua, Waldemar Sommertag, “persona non grata” in February.Y rpulled in july the placet al United States ambassador-designate, Hugo Rodríguez.

In 2018, a wave of protests against the Ortega administration left just over 300 dead and dozens of detainees. Since then, the president hincreased pressure on the opposition and in 2021 he arrested their possible contenders for the presidencypaving the way for a fourth consecutive term without any opposition.

The United States, the EU and various Latin American nations have criticized the president’s re-election and the persecution against opponents, besides a crusade against critical media.

“All my solidarity and appreciation to my esteemed ambassador Bettina Muscheidt, representative of the European Union in Managua, who has been vulgarly expelled by the Ortega and Murillo dictatorship who know nothing about diplomacy,” said Arturo McFields, former Nicaraguan ambassador before the Organization of American States (OAS).

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“There is panic and paranoia over sanctions,” he added, referring to the measures imposed by the United States and the EU.

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