Offers 32-inch screen in exchange for World Cup album prints

The fever to fill the Panini album of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Mexico remains latent among collectors and soccer lovers, so much so that a subject offered a 32-inch flat screen in exchange for two boxes with 104 stamp envelopes each.

In a Facebook group created for the exchange and sale of stamps from the World Cup album, the user Julio Moro promoted his “brand new” television with Roku TV service included, boxed and fully sealed.

When consulting the price of television in various department stores and online stores, the cost for the product ranges from 3,200 pesos to 3,700 pesos. Instead, the price of the boxes with 104 stamp envelopes from the album is 1,872 pesos each.

The team of Aristegui News he consulted Julio Moro about the barter but had no immediate response.

In the aforementioned social network group, which it is made up of 36 thousand membersPanini products referring to the Qatar 2022 World Cup are offered, such as albums, boxes of envelopes and stamps, even the latter are sold loose.

The price of the loose stamps is between 4 to 10 pesos for the “normal” ones; shields and legendary between 10 and 15 pesos; complete stadiums and equipment in 7 pesos; top players -like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe– between 30 and 50 pesos and cards in general between 20 and 40 pesos.

The official price per envelope containing 5 stamps is 18 pesos, that is, each stamp would have an equivalent value of 3.60 pesos.

These are the costs per product:

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-BOX WITH 104 ENVELOPES: $1,872.00
-ALBUM + 2 ENVELOPES: $59.00
-ALBUM + 4 ENVELOPES: $89.00

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