Putin will sign this Friday the annexation to Russia of four regions of Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin held on Friday in the Kremlin a agreement signing ceremony of accession of four territories of Ukraine to Russia, informed its spokesman.

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskovsaid that the signing ceremony of “agreements on the accession of new territories to the Russian Federation” will take place on Friday, at 15:00 Moscow time.

The agreements will be signed “with the four territories that held referendums and made corresponding requests to the Russian side,” Peskov said.

The results of the referendums released by the Russian Election Commissionwith the counts already completed in most cases, show a overwhelming support for accession to Russia in the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhiawith figures ranging between 96.75 and 98.7 percent in favor of ‘yes’.

The votes were scored on West What illegal and illegitimate. Putin’s decision to incorporate the regions into Russia means that Moscow to annex vast areas in eastern and southern Ukrainewhich represent about 15% of the total territory of Ukraine.

Russian-backed authorities in four Ukrainian regions controlled by Russian forces said referendums showed an overwhelming majority of their populations had voted to join Russia.

Following the signing ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin will deliver an important speech and will meet with the administrators of the Ukrainian regions appointed by Moscow, according to the Kremlin.

(With information from Europa Press and Reuters)


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