Review of 'The Rite of Spring': Diversity and Prejudice

    The diversion to the uncomfortable or dark zone, whether due to the death of a loved one, illness or, as here, sexual awakening approached as an inquiry, constitutes the core theme in the filmography of who is already an unrepeatable author. Shot five years after the exceptional ‘Die’ (2017), ‘The Rite of Spring’ dares to talk about clandestine sex work at a time when abolitionist positions lacking nuances seem internalized, but not with the weapons of political cinema , but from the intimate perspective of a dislocated protagonist.

    Franco recovers the subversive value of ‘Nacional 7’ or ‘Las sessions’ and establishes a peculiar dialogue with the equally audacious ‘Vivir y otros ficciones’ (Jo Sol, 2016), showing sex as an act of rapprochement with the other and not only as a symbol of submission or objectification that urgently needs to be neutralized and contained. The result is a beautiful act of artistic terrorism, as virtuous and warm as it is absurdly human.

    For music lovers who value the chords of authentic guerrilla cinema

    The best: the unsettling serenity of debutant Valéria Sorolla.

    The worst: that, unfortunately, the risk always has its price.


    Address: Fernando Franco Distribution: Valeria Sorolla, Telmo Irureta, Emma Suarez Country: Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 30–09-2022 Gender: Drama Script: Fernando Franco, Bego Arostegui Duration: 119 minutes

    Synopsis: Laura has just arrived in Madrid to settle in a College and study Chemistry. Alone and penniless, she tries to adjust to her college life while dealing with her insecurities. One night, by chance, she meets David, a boy with cerebral palsy who lives with her mother, Isabel. Laura initiates a relationship of mutual trust with them that helps her overcome her complexities and face a new stage towards maturity.

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