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Trevor Noah sent his well wishes to those who have been affected by Hurricane Ian during Wednesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show” after the massive storm hit Florida’s west coast earlier that day, pointing out that even Governor Ron DeSantis had called Ian “the real deal.”

Given his track record of zingers against the Florida governor, it should come as no surprise that Noah also took it as an opportunity to mock some of the other issues about which DeSantis has raised alarm bells.

“I mean, you heard Governor DeSantis,” the late night host said. “He said, ‘This thing is the real deal. Not like the usual stuff I tell you to be scared of like drag queens or critical race theory. I’m talking real. Like, I might fly myself to Martha’s Vineyard.’”

Despite his feelings about DeSantis, Noah did make sure to sincerely encourage everyone in the state to stay as safe as possible, and possibly even use more caution than they might normally.

“As we speak, Hurricane Ian is slamming into Florida, and I honestly hope that everyone in the Sunshine State is staying safe,” Noah said. “I mean like, rest-of-America safe. You know, not like Florida safe, like where someone wears a long-sleeved shirt to wrestle a gator.”

Hurricane Ian was nearing a Category 5 when it made landfall near Fort Myers and Cape Coral on Wednesday afternoon. The 155 mile per hour wind speeds, heavy rain, and storm surges up to 18 feet ravaged large swaths of the state, leaving millions without electricity. Viral videos have shown homes completely underwater from flooding along the coast.

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Given the destruction, Noah also wondered why the hurricane—or any other large disaster for that matter—was given a name.

“By the way, why are we still naming national disasters? Like, why do we do this? It’s a weird thing to do. Hurricane Ian. Fiona,” I wondered. “We don’t do that with personal disasters. There’s no doctor who’s ever been like, ‘I have some bad news. Jeremy has spread to your brain. Just a cute little name I came up with so you would remember it.”

You can watch the entire segment above.

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