Alfredo Adame: Nothing more than four facial fractures friends

The actor Alfredo Adame reported that he has four fractures in his face, after the beating he received in the south of Mexico City.

The artist was evaluated today to determine if he has deeper injuries in the eye, such as a possible retinal detachment.

From the Manuel Gea González hospital, he said that there is a video where it can be seen that a subject hit him with a stone.

It was too blunt an object for a fist to do this to me.

In video it can be seen that the skin around the left eye is swollen.

On his social networks he uploaded a photo of Danzo Shimura, a Naruto character who wore a bandage on his head and over one eye:

The actor was attacked after a chase and shooting in the Ejidos neighborhood of San Pedro Mártir, Tlalpan mayor’s office.

The events left two people dead, including a policeman who was trying to stop gunmen who previously shot two citizens.

The prosecution confirmed that the beating suffered by the actor is indirectly related to the aggression suffered by the couple by two armed men who were traveling on a motorcycle.

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