In debate, Bolsonaro calls Lula a 'liar' and 'ex-inmate'... he asks him to see himself in a mirror

Brazil’s main presidential candidates traded corruption accusations on Thursday, in their last debate before Sunday’s election, with little discussion of proposals to govern the South American country.

The current far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, called his leftist rival, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, “liar, ex-inmate and traitor”.

In addition, he accused him of being the head of a criminal gang that led a “kleptocracy” during his two-term presidency from 2003 to 2010.

Meanwhile, Lula, who is ahead in the preference polls, lamented that the president “blatantly lie all the time” and asked Bolsonaro to “look in the mirror” if he wanted to see corruption.

The former president referred in particular to the accusations of corruption against his son Senator Flavio Bolsonaro and his former Minister of Education, accused of demanding bribes for evangelical churches. influential.

Photo: Reuters

The centrist candidate Simone Tebet, from the Brazilian Democratic Movement party (MDB), scolded both men for exchanging personal attacks instead of focusing on proposals to solve high unemployment and rising hunger.

The main opinion polls show Lula with an advantage of between 10 and 15 percentage points on Bolsonaro before the first round of voting.

The Datafolha pollster said that Lula has 50% of the valid votes, excluding blank and null ballots, and could win the elections on Sunday, avoiding a second round.

If a second round is needed, it will be the 30th of October.

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