Metro does not stop at 12 stations on Line B;  was out of order: STC |  Video

Two videos went viral on social media shows how a Metro train on Line B did not stop at 12 stationsand the Collective Transport Service (STC) clarified that this unit was out of service.

The user TikTok’s Sam Guiovanni Pache released the videos last Tuesday and noted that they were not informed why the unit would be disabled.

The STC Metro clarified that said unit was withdrawn from service around 9:20 a.m. last Tuesdaydue to the appearance of a code that warned of a probable breakdown, so it would be transferred to the workshop for its revision.

According to a Metro statement, users were asked to get off the train; however, a group of users refused to cooperate with the request.

The train continued its march towards Buenavista, the terminus of Line B, where it was withdrawn from circulation.

Arriving at Buenavista, it is heard in the TikTok video, that Metro staff gives directions to users that this train would not present service, so it should not be addressed.

The Metro exhorted users to abide by the instructions of the security and transportation personnel in the cases in which the evacuation maneuver of the train is carried out.

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