President AMLO is in good health and will finish his six-year term, says Jorge Alcocer

The Secretary of Health (SSa), Jorge Alcocer, affirmed that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador enjoys a good state of health, so he will be able to finish his six-year term.

The above, afterto recent filtration of official documents of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) by the hacker group ‘macaw’, where it is indicated that the federal president would be ill with illnesses such as gout and hypothyroidism.

“The President is strong and in good health. Like many Mexicans and like many humans, we have certain issues, that if measured, then changes are found, but in this case he is in good health. I see it well and it’s fine”, said the federal official, from Santa María Huatulco, after the presentation of the plan to support the population affected by hurricane “Agatha” in Oaxaca.

In an interview with representatives of the media, who asked him if López Obrador will be able to finish his six-year term, Alcocer Varela replied:

He will be able to completely finish his six-year term.

He pointed out that It will not be necessary for the president to “slow down” his work schedule, since “his life is already established”, and contrary to other cases where his body demands certain changes, López Obrador does not go through the same situation.

“His life is already established, and, on the contrary, it is just a small example, if someone who has that level of action lowers him, then he begins to have changes in his body, which demand him, and well, of course, he is not the case no new recommendation, that he continue playing baseball,” he said.

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