Profepa orders the company to demolish two buildings for environmental damage in Nayarit

The company Pacific Lifestyle Properties SA De CV, must remove constructions erected on an area of ​​1,466 square meters on land reclaimed from the sea in the community of San Francisco (municipality of Bahía de Banderas), for not having concession titles for exploitation and use of land, nor agreements of authorities for the disincorporation of this area.

In addition, he must pay fines of 96 thousand 220 pesos for environmental damage in the area, concluded an opinion of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) based on investigations carried out on December 1 and 2, 2021 at the site.

The complaint about environmental damage before Profepa was filed on August 13, 2019, although the disagreements of inhabitants of the community of San Pancho, as it is known, They have been protesting since 2016.

The local residents alleged, among other things, that the real estate project of Pacific Lifestyles Properties would affect the environment of the place, the common goods of the peopleof the nation, the beach and in particular the habitat of the sea turtle.

The official letter PFPA/4.1/2C.27/00036-21/010-2022 of August 15 of this year decided to sanction the company with different fines that in total add up to 96 thousand 220 pesos, “having violated various environmental provisions, due to the construction of works on land reclaimed from the sea without having concession titles”warns the document.

Likewise, it orders to repair the damage to the environment via restore to its base statethe surface on which you have built.

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In addition, these considerations must be taken into account for future concession applications in the areasigned the general director of environmental complaints, complaints and social participation of Profepa, Florisel Santiago Martínez.

In December 2019 it was announced that the company Pacific Lifestyles Properties, developer of the Punta Paraíso complex in San Francisco, through its representative Carlos Lemus, sued before the Fourth Civil Court of the state of Jalisco -file 487/2019- to six environmental activists, businessmen, and others, for damages exercised against these constructions from the manipulation with Photoshop of images of the place to make believe that there were irregularities.

“More than two years ago they made statements to the media and various civil organizations, lying and manipulated statements and without any legal basis and that unfortunately they have harmed us enormously, since the real estate development that we carry out has been carried out within the legal and sustainable framework with absolute commitment and ethics, the project has adhered to both federal and municipal law, ”explained the businessman.

Since then, the bank accounts of these people are frozen, in addition to the fact that they are prohibited from making any pronouncement on the case, and if they do so they will be subject to sanctions; but it is expected that the panorama may change from the resolution that Profepa has taken.

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