'Putin is an idiot';  NYT reveals conversations of Russian soldiers in Ukraine |  Audio

“Putin is an idiot, he wants to take kyiv, but there is no way to do it,” said one russian soldier in an audio revealed by the American newspaper New York Times and in which military criticized the administration of the president Vladimir Putin for the war against Ukraine.

The telephone conversations describe forceful criticism of the Russian military towards the Putin government; members of the Russian Armed Forces assured that they were lied to about the mission they were onso they sought to terminate their military contracts.

New York Times He said he verified the authenticity of the calls by comparing Russian phone numbers with messaging apps and social media profiles to identify military personnel. The American newspaper spent almost two months translating the conversations that took place last March.

“Mom, this war is the worst decision our government has ever made. When is all this going to end, Putin? Damn,” a Russian soldier told his mother, who responded by admitting that the Russian media only mentioned that the war was going “according to plan”.

On the other hand, audios also revealed the record of losses in the Russian Army and a military officer, who identified himself as part of the 331st Airborne Regiment, reported that at least 600 soldiers from the second battalion were “annihilated” at the hands of Ukrainian militias.

It is important to remember that Vladimir Putin announced last week a “partial mobilization” of the population in the midst of the war in Ukraine, where Russian forces have suffered several blows in recent days following a series of counter-offensives by Ukrainian troops.

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Below is part of the recordings obtained by the NYT.

Recently, the government of The United States asked its citizens to leave Russia as soon as possiblein the context of President Vladimir Putin’s order to carry out a partial mobilization of 300 thousand reservists in support of the war against Ukraine.

Likewise, Russia confirmed a few days ago that the call for “partial mobilization” will imply that no passport is issued for those summonedin such a way that they will not be able to leave the country once they have been summoned by the military authorities.


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