What caused the collapse of the Monumental?  Colo-Colo Stadium |  Video

This Friday during the celebration of the 33rd anniversary of the Monumental Stadium of ChileHouse of Colo-ColoY during the ‘harangue’, support of the porra prior to matches, one of the stands collapsed and several people ended up injured.

The ‘harangue’ It is a soccer term Chili and it happens when the fans they meet days before important matches to cheer on their teams. Colo-Colo will play this Sunday the Clásico de Chile against the Catholic University.

The disaster occurred because several followers of ‘Colo’ were improperly located on a light material structure that gave way due to excess weight, then two advertising signs fell on the platform.

Later, medical assistance arrived to attend to the injured people, it is estimated that there were 15 thousand fans supporting the ‘Cacique’ prior to Chilean Classic.

Before the unfortunate incident, the ‘white‘ celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the property with a video on its social networks.

Problems in Chilean stadiums are more common than it seems. a few days ago, dDuring the first presentation of daddy yankee in Santiago, High security violations were recorded. In social networks, different attendees of the concert denounced having been assaulted, robbed and even threatened inside the National Stadium.

Also this Wednesday Martin Parra, goalkeeper of the ‘U de Chile’, was the victim of an attack with fireworks during the duel between the ‘U’ and the Catholic University Sports Clubmatch valid for the Quarterfinals of the Chile Cup.


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