What is the equivalent of the 6TB extracted from the Mexican Army by the group of hacktivists 'Guacamaya'?  Here we explain

Cyber ​​attacks is an evil that occurs daily in every corner of the world. However, the outlook for Mexico is alarming because it is the fourth country with the highest number of attacks only after Colombia, Turkey and Spain.

This data is relevant in the current context of the country, after revealing the extraction of six Terabytes of information from the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) by the group of hacktivists self-appointed ‘Guacamaya’.

Cybersecurity expert Manuel Rivera, founder of NEKT Group, explained that the six Terabytes would be equivalent to: 1.5 million photos; 3,000 hours of video or 39 million pages of documents (word, pdf or presentation).

That means that ‘Guacamaya’ had access to millions of possible texts, attachments, newsletters, letters, photos and videosmany of which include confidential material and are untested.

The exorbitant amount of data becomes even more relevant when it comes to intelligence informationof operations, people and sensitive data of the government.

This leak shows the Serious deficiencies of Sedena in cybersecurity.

In an interview for Aristegui Live, Manuel Rivera pointed out that it is striking that the State does not have the capacity to protect itself from these threats. He warned that by increasing the attributions and presence of the Army in different tasks and areassome related to critical infrastructure have increased their potential attack surfaces.


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