Reduce, recycle and resell, Balenciaga bets on second-hand clothes

under the motto of “reduce, recycle, resell”the fashion brand Balenciaga bet on the market second-hand clothes with the Reflaunt program, in which you will benefit with cash or credit for new clothes to those who are interested in reselling their garments.

The resale program comes just moments before the luxury group brand Kering debuts the garments to be used in the summer season next year and on your site Web official explain the steps to follow to join the resale program.

Balenciaga customers interested in reselling their garments must deposit your collections in selected stores of the brand Or they can be picked up by appointment at an agreed address, after which the products will be sent to Reflaunt for authentication and professionally photographed to offer to the new customer.

The credit that would be given to the former customer of the garment for the resale would be 20 percent higher for redeem it on your next purchase at 15 different Balenciaga locationsThus, the fashion house would create a constant buying and selling circle with its customers.

While second-hand clothes would be offered on the global network of Reflaunt which has more than 25 secondary stores. The countries in which the program will be implemented to test its potential will be Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Singapore.

It’s important pointing that the program is not yet available in Mexicobut if it were to be, it would be at the brand’s headquarters located in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

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