The characterization of Ana de Armas in Marylin Monroe step by step

    Several months ago we saw the first photos of Ana de Armas turned into Marilyn Monroe, and as soon as we meet them, we all predict it: the movie ‘Blonde’ it was going to be a success. And we weren’t wrong, because only a few days have passed since its premiere and the ‘biopic’ is already at the top of the Netflix charts. Ana de Armas has had to face an absolute challenge to reincarnate on the screen one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood history. We assume that internalizing and working on such a role should not be easy for any performer and even more so, if we add that during the long months of filming, the Cuban has had to be characterized on dozens of occasions to look as much like the great Marilyn Monroe as possible.

    Ana de Armas has worked hard to bring out her essence, but, behind it, there is a large group of professions between make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers that have worked in the characterization of the actress. Netflix just shared a video in which we can see the enormous work he had day after day turning Ana into Marilyn backstage. Hit ‘play’!

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    You’ve seen it: the make-up more timely to simulate the iconic features of Marilyn Monroe on the face of Ana de Armas, among which her mythical mole stands out; eyebrow tint to reach the tone of those of the American or the perfect collected hair to place on the hair of the Cuban a platinum blonde wig perfectly coiffed.

    Has been an arduous path that Ana herself has recognized for herself and her team, According to the words published by the streaming platform on social networks: ‚ÄúSeeing myself as Marilyn was really emotional. She had been working for about nine months and The first time I put on the main wig with full makeup, I burst into tears. My hair and makeup team started crying. Everybody was very excited, and it was a beautiful moment. And I felt that everything became real. It was so scary, but so beautiful at the same time.”

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