Pablo Lyle is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the United States

Pablo Lyle was found guilty for the crime of involuntary manslaughter of Juan Ricardo Hernández, to whom the Mexican actor gave a punch and subsequently He died in a Miami hospital.

According to security video footage taken at the time of the incident, Hernandez got out of his car at a red light and approached the window of Lyle’s vehicle to claim that he had been cut off.

The actor’s brother-in-law got out of his car and argued with Hernández, but returned when he saw that his vehicle was moving.

Lylewho until then remained in the passenger seat, got down, ran towards Hernandez and punched him in the face.

According to the images, Hernández was left lying on the floor, alone, while Lyle and his family’s vehicle drove away.

Nail hours later, the actor was arrested at the Miami airport when preparing to travel to Mexico.

Hernández died four days after the confrontation. in a hospital for a brain injury caused by the trauma.

Lyle said he acted in self-defense because he feared the Cuban would attack him with a gun. However, the allegations were dismissed by another judge and by a higher court, which returned the case to the Miami court for trial.

Paul Daniel Lyleborn in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in 1986, is known in Mexico for having starred in Televisa telenovelas such as “La Sombra del Pasado”, “Corazón que Liente” and “My Lovely Curse”. Additionally, she co-starred in the movie “Mirreyes vs Godinez”released in January 2019.

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