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    Taissa Farmiga will wear the habit again to star in ‘The Nun 2’, sequel to the 2018 film ‘The Nun’. She will reprise her role playing sister Irene within the popular universe of horror stories, born as a result of ‘The Warren File: The Conjuring’.

    After learning about the incorporation of the tape to the New Line franchise, sand confirmed the participation of Farmiga as the protagonist. Next to her, Storm Reid. will lead the project Michael Chavez, who was also in charge of the seventh premiere of the saga: ‘The Warren File 3: Forced by the devil’. In charge of the script has been akela cooperwith the advice and collaboration of Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing.

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    In the original film we followed Sister Irene (Farmiga) along with Father Burke (Damian Bichir), in their fight against the “demon nun” Valek, in Romania during 1952. ‘The Nun’ was released in 2018 and swept the box office, grossing a total of 366 million dollars around the world, becoming the highest grossing of the franchise to date.

    This movie came about as a spin-off of the second premiere of the Warren saga, ‘Warren File: The Enfield Affair‘. In it, we found Farmiga’s older sister, Vera, as the protagonist, who has already led the cast of 3 tapes of the saga. Everything stays in the family.

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    Warner Bros.

    On your side, James Wan and Peter Safran, original creators, follow their path through the films of ‘The Conjuring’ Universe. They produce the last tape through Atomic Monster Y The Safran Companyas they did with the previous seven premieres.

    ‘The Nun 2’ has its release date in theaters scheduled for September 8, 2023. ‘La Monja’ is available for playback on streaming on HBO Max.

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