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    Halloween night is to celebrate parties, dress up or ask for candy door to door, but also to have a good time with the family: that’s why, We recommend the best movies to watch on Halloween as a family, from classics that you should have already seen to more recent films that come in luxury accompanied by hot chocolate and lots of jokesfrom the best animated movies in the history of cinema to the best movies of the 90s.

    Really, there are options for all tastes, and the common thread is that all these films have a touch of horror cinema, although without reaching the levels of our list of the best recent horror films. Those are for adults only. These that we discuss here are for families of all ages, Halloween movies that will not give you nightmares and that everyone can enjoy. There is no shortage of titles like ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Bitelchús’, classics that make us a little nostalgic, but also some a little more recent ones like ‘The Worlds of Coraline’.

    When we think of December 31, the possibilities are endless. During the previous weeks we prepare with great care the best movie costumes for the whole family, the terrifying menu to put on the table and, also, what movie we are going to see. This is not a matter that can be left to the last moment: we already know that, in the world of streamingbetween Netflix movies and Disney + catalogs and more, the offer seems infinite. Do not make the mistake of searching up and down on television the same night of the party. So that you decide a little in advance, we leave you some infallible options. Fiance.

    What better time than Halloween night to discover Tim Burton’s best films or share with the family some of those classics (before the new millennium) that for many generations that pass will always make us vibrate, some are even among the best movies in the history of cinema. There is nothing. If you are organizing a good plan with children for Halloween, we propose a great night of darkness surrounded by those movies that you always want to see on a date like this. Because although they are apparently harmless, they will give the little ones in the house the dose of terror they need. And you will remember when you saw them clandestinely at their age. Do you already know what your plan will be for next December 31?

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‘The Worlds of Coraline’ (2009)

There are moments in this movie that will keep you awake at night, but overall it’s a perfect movie for the whole family., as well as an incredible jewel from the Laika factory. Based on a novel by Neil Gaiman, ‘The Worlds of Coraline’ follows a girl who, walking through a wall in her house, finds herself in an idyllic version of her life, with more considerate parents and a life she yearns for. . However, behind perfection there is a shadow that will try to catch her.

‘The amazing world of Norman’ (2012)

In the spirit of Tim Burton’s early films and Laika studio’s trademark cool claymation, ‘The amazing world of Norman’ becomes an essential family film, funny, with its disturbing point and rabidly entertaining. The story follows the problems of the inhabitants of a town that have suddenly been invaded by zombies. That is why they ask for help from Norman, a young man who knows how to talk to the dead and who until now had only been an outcast. Turned into a hero, Norman will have to face all kinds of creatures to save his neighbors.

‘Inside the Labyrinth’ (1986)

In its most populous and popular stage, David Bowie became the attractive, mysterious and disturbing villainous heartthrob in this fantasy film directed by Jim Henson. And on top of that he put the music! The film follows Sarah (played by a very young Jennifer Connelly), a young woman who must go through a maze to rescue her little brother, who has been kidnapped by goblins and is in the hands of the powerful King Jareth (Bowie). Now, in this fantastic world, nothing is what it seems.

Media such as USA Today defined this Gil Kenan film as “the first true horror film for children.” And it is that the combination of adventure, horror, comedy and family cinema that ‘Monster House’ unfolds is to make a great bow. The story follows DJ Walters, a twelve-year-old boy who has gotten it into his head that strange things are happening in the house across the street. On the eve of Halloween, they decide to investigate what it’s all about.

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (1986)

Do you fancy a musical? We corrected: do you fancy one of the best musicals in the history of cinema? Well, here we recommend ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, an absolute classic from the 80s who has jumped onto the stage on more than one occasion. The story follows Seymour, a young florist clerk totally in love with his partner Audrie. His destinies will change when the protagonist buys a small talking plant, which at first seems like a fabulous attraction and ends up turning into a bloodthirsty monster.

‘The Witches’ Curse’ (1990)

Based on the famous novel by Roald Dahl (which your children will love too), it stars Luke, a boy with a passion for mystery stories. One day, the legends told by his grandmother about the existence of witches introduce him to a mysterious world. The movie has memorable scenes, like the one at the annual witches’ convention at the hotel or the one where poor Luke is turned into a mouse. Over the years, they don’t forget…

‘Edward Scissorhands’ (1990)

The mixture of mystery and kindness of his mythical character in the skin of Johnny Depp makes ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’ a film that children and adults are passionate about. In addition, its combination of fantasy, drama and comedy will hook the little ones from the very beginning.

‘The Addams Family’ (1991)

Morticia, Gómez, Cosa, Fétido, Miércoles and Largo make up the most popular gothic family in the history of cinema. In the film, mother and son, with the help of the family lawyer, conspire to seize the family fortune. The little ones will enjoy its grotesque universe full of macabre hits of humor.

‘The Return of the Witches’ (1993)

300 years ago they were sentenced to death for witchcraft, but the sisters swore to return one day. And boy, have they done it… Since it was released in 1993, ‘The Return of the Witches’ (‘Hocus Pocus’) is one of the films that we will have seen dozens of times on Halloween. And it is that it has all the necessary ingredients: child, magic book, talking cat and a good portion of adventures.

‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ (1993)

Jack Skellington, the popular Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, oversees the ghoulish delights, creeps and surprises that are sent into the real world. But one day he stumbles upon an entrance to the City of Christmas and is ecstatic with the colors, the toys and the joy that is lived there. He returns home and, obsessed with taking control of the wonderful city, convinces his subjects to help him impersonate Santa Claus. The atmosphere and the characters of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ have that chilling “nosequé” that generates a great adrenaline rush when you are a child and continues to be hilarious for parents.

Casper and his three hateful uncles, Whip, Stink and Gordy, are part of the memories of several generations. Aspect that is undoubtedly related to his ability to entertain all audiences. And the little ones will love to see how the ghosts have fun while the humans do not notice their presence.

The second film from director Tim Burton revolves around Adam and Barbara Maitland, a ghostly couple who discover that their newlywed home has been sold to an eccentric family. Bitelchús (Michael Keaton), a disgusting and terrifying creature from beyond the grave, will help them solve the situation. Children will delight in his many flashes of inventiveness and Bitelchus’ ability to scare mortals.

‘Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island’ (1998)

It’s one of the first movies starring the famous Great Dane to be released directly for home use, and it’s still one of the funniest to this day. In it, Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Vilma, Daphne and Fred travel to a mysterious island to investigate the ghost of the pirate Moonscar. But it turns out that the spirit of the swordsman is not the only terrifying character on the island…

An essential classic for the children of the “Gremlins Generation”. In a small American town, a family prepares a birthday party for their only son, Billy. The father ends up giving him a cute and strange creature, a mogwai. But suddenly everything It starts to go wrong when the three basic rules of caring for a mogwai are broken: don’t feed him after midnight, don’t get him wet, and keep him out of sunlight.

‘ET, the extraterrestrial’ (1982)

An alien ship lands on Earth and, after doing research on the planet, forgets one of its crew. A ten-year-old boy named Elliott finds the missing Martian and decides to hide him in his house. Both will learn to communicate and the little one will protect his unique friend when he is discovered. Although from the point of view of the older ETs she can’t be anything more than a tender and endearing being, when they see her at a certain age there are some scenes that make them tremble… An acceptable level of fear for the little ones.

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