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The premiere of ‘The Batman’ on March 4 was a complete success. The film directed by Matt Reeves cost approximately 200 million dollars and grossed more than 770 million around the world box office. For this reason, and not without first having to beg, on August 23 the news was confirmed that Reeves and screenwriter Mattson Tomlin had already gotten down to work on the sequel’s script, after striking a multi-year deal with Warner Bros..

Who we will not know if he will be part of this second installment is Barry Keoghan. The ‘Dunkirk’ actor had a brief cameo at the end of the original film as the Joker, where he was barely recognizable. Now, Keoghan has shared on his Twitter account the audition that ended up giving him his role as the popular enemy of Bruce Wayne.

In an interview for the magazine GQ, Keoghan has assured that said test was sent with the intention of interpreting Enigma. In addition, he reveals that he sent her as soon as he found out about the production of ‘The Batman’, without being in any case requested by the title team. However, producer Dylan Clark informed him that this role had already been assumed by Jonah Hill (‘The Wolf of Wall Street’), although it later ended up in the hands of Paul Dano (‘Wells of Ambition’). Four months later, his agent called to tell him that he had been chosen to play the Joker..

Keoghan adds that his version of the villain is someone “lovely and a little hurt, a broken boy” what’s hidding “to a human being behind the makeup”. “I want people to identify with him … to know that [el maquillaje] is a facade that putsexplained the actor.

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A little more thanks to the deleted scene

Despite the fact that his aforementioned appearance in the original film was very brief, Warner released a deleted scene in which we could appreciate a little more the work done by the actor.. In the following video, we can see this moment where his character has a tense conversation with Robert Pattinson’s Batman when he goes to visit him at the Arkham asylum.

Obviously, the plot of ‘The Batman 2’ is kept secret, so it is impossible to know yet if Keoghan will be part of it or not. For its part, he has already clarified that he would be willing to put himself back in the skin of the villain “as soon as the call comes”. Predictably it should after the renewal of Reeves as director, but these are just assumptions. We will have to wait to find out a little more about this film, which will still take a few years to arrive..

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