The president of the Colombian Congress has colon cancer

The President of the Colombian CongressRoy Barreras, was diagnosed with colon canceras reported through his social networks in a message in which he called on the population to go for routine medical check-ups in order to detect this and other types of diseases in time.

“It is a small colon cancer in the lower digestive tract, which has treatment, which is curable (…) I share two things with Colombian families that are useful, it is always good to have routine check-ups, thanks to that I have taken this in one early stage and the other, that the cancer is curable. There is a cure for the vast majority of cases,” said Barreras.

“My life has been a sum of challenges and I am sure that with faith and the support of my family I will also overcome this. Thank you all for your messages.”

The Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation reported through a statement that Barreras “an injury was found which has been confirmed by pathology studies as an adenocarcinoma of the lower digestive tract, for which a multidisciplinary treatment is required”.

After hearing the news, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, wished Barreras a speedy recovery. “A hug of solidarity and a lot of strength for him and his family at this difficult time.”

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barriers cHe has extensive experience within the Colombian Congressof which he has been president since July 20, 2022. An essential part in peace agreements with the extinct FARC guerrilla in Havana, since 2021 he has been linked to the Historical Pact coalition with which the Colombian left won the last elections for the first time in the country’s history.

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