Banxico puts into circulation a 20-peso coin to commemorate the bicentennial of the Navy

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) reported that this Tuesday it put into circulation a coin of twenty pesos to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Navy-Armada of Mexico.

He explained that the commemorative coin has dodecagonal shape, a latent image and a micro text as security elements. “With the minting of this coin, the importance and contributions of this institution to national life are recognized, from its participation in the consolidation of Independence and the defense of the Republic to the determined support for the population in emergencies and natural disasters” , noted the central bank.

The coin, which was minted by the Mexican Mint, shows the National Coat of Arms on the obverse surrounded by the legend “UNITED MEXICAN STATES”. On the reverse, Lieutenant José Antonio de Medina Miranda appears in the center, to the left the schooner “Iguala” and below the ship “Long Range Ocean Patrol”.

On the right the microtext “TTE NAV ANTONIO DE MEDINA MIRANDA” and on the left, an anchor as a latent image. On the edge the legend “BICENTENARY OF THE MARINA-ARMED OF MEXICO”, ​​on the exergue the denomination “$20” with the years “1821” and “2021” and on the right the mint of the Casa de Moneda de México “M°” .

Regarding its technical characteristics, the coin has a 30 mm diameter, with a discontinuous striated edge, it is bimetallic and is made up of two alloys, one for its
central part and another for its perimeter ring.

The central part of the coin is a silver alpaca alloy, composed of 65% copper; 10% nickel and 25% (twenty-five percent) zinc. While the perimeter ring is a aluminum bronze alloy, of 92% copper; 6% aluminum and 2% nickel.

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The coin, which weighs 12.67 grams, is legal tender, and like the rest of the coins minted
in this denomination, the population can use it to make any type of payment.

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