Flying on the CDMX-GDL presidential plane would cost 12 thousand pesos (before taxes): SedenaLeaks

Among the multiple options that the Mexican government has studied to get rid of or occupy the presidential plane TP-01a recent cost-benefit analysis done by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) states that, in case of opting for the commercial use of the aircraft, the simple flight of Mexico City to Guadalajara it would cost 6 thousand 345 pesos. The calculation does not include taxes or the payment of TUA.

In this way, coming and going from Mexico City to Guadalajara aboard the plane that the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador refuses to use, it would have a minimum cost of 12 thousand 690 pesos, before taxes.

The analysis is part of the millions of documents and emails that were hacked to Sedena and leaked by the group of hacktivists macawand to which Aristegui News has had access since last week.

The cost was calculated by National defense estimating that an hour of flight has a cost of 507 thousand pesos and that the plane has 80 seats. However, the analysis is clear: to guarantee profitability, 100% occupancy must be guaranteed, comply with at least 49.56 hours per month, and the price of the ticket will be high.

The analysis dates back to August of this year and has been disseminated via email to public servants from the Treasury, Sedena, the Presidency and more, to analyze the fate of the presidential plane.

On the page of Aeromexico, a round flight Mexico City-Guadalajara, is around 5 thousand pesos. In Volaris and VivaAerobus round flights are listed for less than 3 thousand pesos, leaving the AICM.

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Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed a leak of the Sedena hack, in which it is stated that the Mexican Army is working on founding an airline to use the presidential plane.

The president pointed out that the company Grupo Airport, Railway and Auxiliary Services Olmeca-Maya-Mexica SA de CVwhich will also be in charge of the operation of the Mayan Train, will use the presidential plane and will rent 10 more planes to provide the service.

“The economic and feasibility analysis is being done and the presidential plane is being considered, handing it over to the company that is going to handle these 10 planes, which are not going to be acquired, but rather rented,” López Obrador said.

Lopez Obrador He even said that he analyzes reusing the name of Mexicanthe national airline that went bankrupt more than a decade ago.

“The ideal thing would be for it to be Mexican because it means giving back to the nation a symbol, an emblem, only if the workers agree to receive an amount, or whoever has the brand, we have to see if maybe it is public property, that would be the best, Mexican“, he commented.

This Wednesday, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador affirmed that the profits generated by the new airline of the Sedena will be earmarked for soldiers’ pensions.

“Don’t let them be surprised that how is it going to have a public aviation company, since they had two. And why is it going to be from the Defense? Well, to ensure that there is custody. It is not the same to take it away and privatize it if it is in the hands of Communications than in Defense. Also, the profits from that company are going to be used for Defense pensions,” he said.

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And the president added: “We are doing works with a public budget that we do not want to be privatized again -what they called it- disincorporated for not being -as they said- strategic companies. We are trying to make them public companies, of the Nation”.

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