The US assures support for Taiwan;  war crimes trial and more |  Headlines of the world 05/24/2022

This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Wednesday, October 4, 2022:

Russians find refuge in country they despised

Kyrgyzstan, despite its limits, helps those fleeing the drought

In Florida, even the basics are scarce

As Biden prepares to visit, many displaced by IAN struggle to get federal aid

The Budget reinforces the social shield in the face of lower growth

The accounts, slightly expansive, boost investment and military spending

Guardian / UK

Conservative agitation amid claims of ‘coup’ to oust Truss

Cabinet is in chaos over bitter infighting over course change, PM facing 10 ‘critical’ days

Federal forces evict Mapuches from land they had taken 5 years ago

In the Government they admit that they acted because a judge ordered it and that they will continue in the place

the cam challenges Tohá’s visit to La Araucanía with a new threat of seizures and attacks on foresters

Armed group reappears after the arrest of Héctor Llaitul

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