Meyers Mocks Republican 'Commitment to America' Pamphlets: 'Not Helping' Accusations of Being Trump 'Cult' (Video)

President Biden raised a few eyebrows this week, after he said he was “sort of raised” in a Puerto Rican community in Delaware. That included Seth Meyers, who joked on Tuesday that Biden’s words sounded pretty similar to a grandpa’s first encounter with gay people.

Biden was in Puerto Rico this week getting a look at hurricane damage when he made his comments, noting that Delaware has a large Puerto Rican population. In full, he said “I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.”

“Woah, just take it easy dude. You sound like someone’s grandpa the first time they meet a gay person.” Meyers mocked, before acting out how that would go. “’Hey, nice to meet ya! You know, we had a gay fella in Vietnam with us, at least, you know, we all thought he was gay on account of — ah it doesn’t matter, you know? Nice to meet ya, do you fellas shake hands or –’ ‘Grandpa, stop talking!’”

Biden wasn’t the only president Meyers targeted in his monologue though. Before wrapping up, the late night host made sure to get in a dig at twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, mocking his new defamation suit against CNN.

In the suit, Trump claimed that the network has made a “persistent association between Trump and Adolf Hitler.”

“Yeah, eat on CNN. Can’t a guy hold a series of racist rallies in a country suffering skyrocketing inflation without being compared to Hitler?!” Meyers joked.

You can watch Meyers’ full monologue in the video above.

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