NFL: The era of Kenny Pickett begins in the Steelers |  Video

mike tomlincoach of the Pittsburgh Steelers announced at a news conference that rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett will be the starter in Week 5 against buffalo billsreplacing veteran Mitchell Trubisky.

At the preparation conference for the match of the Sunday at 12:00 noonCentral Mexico time, Tomlin stated the next:

Kenny will start this week. We made the change, obviously. Mitch’s performance was part of the decision but not the only reason. I want to be very clear on that.

Pickett Had his debut in regular season last week against new york jets in the Acrisure Stadium from Pittsburgh, where he replaced Trubisky and breathed life into an offense that has been sorely lacking so far this year.

Even though he threw three interceptionsthe first on his first pass and the third on a Hail Mary to close out the match, Pickett had a solid performance with two rushing touchdowns and no incomplete passes.

However, the largest contribution of Pickett was the psychological factor, with the Steelers showing a sea ​​change in attitude and falling short of victory after a first half where they were unable to move the ball effectively. About, Tomlin added:

We hope it will be a catalyst as we try to move forward and change the outcome in games to come. Our task is to win, and we are completely focused on that […] There’s a lot to be excited about, a lot of urgency too, but it’s part of it.

Pickett reached the steel squad of the University of Pittsburgh and was the first quarterback selected in the 2022 Draftwhere, fortunately for Tomlin and his family, it was not taken and they were able to secure it with the pick number 20.

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Their first challenge in the NFL will not be easy, as they will be visiting the Buffalo Billsone of the most dominant teams so far this season thanks to a forceful defense led by veteran Von Millerand an explosive offensive of the arm of Josh Allen and wide receiver Stephen Diggs.

about the challenge, Tomlin commented:

Kenny has shown maturity at every point of this process […] Since we drafted him, he has done nothing but strengthen these traits and make good plays for the team during development and preseason games. He has been improving with each game he has played […] We are excited for him and about him.

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