Pueblan authorities refuse to hand over the body of a murdered seeker mother, a collective complaint

In the early hours of this Tuesday, Blanca Esmeralda Gallardo, a woman who was looking for her missing daughter last year, was shot to death on the side of the Mexico-Puebla highway, at the height of Villa Frontera.

After the murder, members of the Voice of the Disappeared collective in Puebla met with relatives of Gallardo to demand that the body be handed over to them. However, the Puebla authorities refused, arguing that there were no funeral services.

After 12 hours of waiting without results, the group and relatives protested in front of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) of Puebla, where they denounced that the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims never assisted them.

It’s a statement, the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office asserted to carry out the necessary steps to clarify the murder of Esmeralda in the shortest possible time. Likewise, he ordered that the necessary protection measures be granted to the families of the searcher’s mother and her missing daughter, Betszabé Alvarado Gallardo.

Emerald’s murder is the first of a seeking mother in the state of Puebla and it represents number 16 in the country, according to the collective ¿Where do the disappeared go?

In Puebla, a total of 2 thousand 385 people missing and not located since the registry began in 1964 until August 30, 2022. This number places the entity in position 12 nationally by number of cases, which makes it similar to the northern states of Mexico.

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Esmeralda was looking for her daughter Betzabé Alvarado Gallardo, who has remained unaccounted for since January 2021. Her murder occurred near the place where Betzabé was last seen.

(With information from Brandon Celaya)


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