They present Maple Law to regulate pet pensions in CDMX

Citizens presented an initiative before the capital Congress to regulate canine boarding houses, camps and training sites, after the puppy maple went to one and was returned in an urn.

The Maple Law was presented in full Mexico City Congress by the deputy Royfid Torres Gonzalez, after collecting more than 49 thousand signatures through the platform.

The initiative was promoted by Adriana Mondragón, who took her dog Maple to a camp and it was returned in an urn without the certainty that the ashes belonged to her pet.

With this, it seeks to reform the Law for the Protection and Welfare of Animals in CDMX to regulate establishments such as beauty salons, boarding houses, hotels, and pet training centers.

The document proposes that these have the certifications necessary and only those establishments that have them are allowed to operate. The measure will also apply to walkers, trainers, trainers, therapists and ethologists.

Likewise, establishes regulations and supervision of pensions, clinics, aesthetics and training schools. These include adequate facilities, good hygienic, sanitary, temperature and lighting conditions, sufficient feeders and drinkers, as well as having at least one animal husbandry veterinarian with a valid professional license.

During the session, Torres González, coordinator of the Movimiento Ciudadano caucus in the capital, maintained that cases of mistreatment are becoming more and more common. According to the legislator, in 2021 the PAOT registered 800 complaints in CDMX. He also noted:

“Pets or companion animals are not an accessory object, they are part of the family.”

For her part, Adriana Mondragón recounted Maple’s story and stressed that pets are “sentient beings” and are a member of the family, while denouncing that there are more cases with the same modus operandi. She ultimately called on the prosecution to do justice.

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Along with her, Nydia Fernández and Héctor Lara attended to present their stories, who also experienced similar events with their pets.

For her part, the baker Ana Villagran He also spoke out for the regulation to avoid more cases of negligence, but clarified that this search does not seek to prohibit or stop the activity, but rather to give certainty to citizens.

The initiative was turned over for analysis and opinion by the Animal Welfare Commission

This arose after Mondragón denounced on social networks in September that after sending Maple to a dog camp, the company you can he returned the ashes of a dog that allegedly does not belong to him.

Initially, company workers told Mondragón that his Eight month old Shiba Inu puppy he had been bitten by a snake, and therefore had died. Later, they allegedly cremated him without his authorization and gave him an urn.

Through social networks, Mondragón denounced negligence on the part of the company and filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection Matters From Mexico City.

After sharing his story on networks and how viral it became, You Can, which offers dog training, boarding and camping services, changed the name of his page on Instagram, deleted the photos he had of ‘Maple’ and blocked from this social network and WhatsApp to Adriana.

Likewise, Mondragón was alerted to a modus operandi between supposed caretakers and canine pensions: making the dogs pass for deceased to resell them or use them for crossbreeding and sell the puppies.

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For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office began investigations into the case and determined that, if Maple really died, it was not on the date indicated to its owner, since the cremation service was requested a week before what was insured by the company and the body does not correspond to the physical appearance of ‘Maple’; that is, the ashes could even be from another dog.

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