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    we review everything we know about Vel Sartha, the leader of the ‘Andor’ rebels that reaches the Disney+ catalog ready not only to dazzle the acolytes of the George Lucas saga, but also attract to the galactic universe the disbelievers of Star Wars, a complex but not entirely impossible task, as demonstrated by the approach of many neophytes to the franchise thanks to the benefits of ‘The Mandalorian’ and how, thanks in part to one of its great protagonists, it seems to be achieving.

    Now, after explaining why you should see ‘Andor’ even if you don’t like Star Wars, it’s time to talk about this new group of rebels and their promising leader, ready to fight against the Empire?


    Vel Sartha, Leader


    Above all, Vel Sartha is a survivor,” reads her description on the official star wars page. “A rogue operative always on the go, Vel is willing to sacrifice comforts, personal relationships, and even her life for one last mission: infiltrate the Empire in Aldhani.”

    Stern and steadfast, we meet Vel three days before her grand plan against the Empire on the planet Aldhani, a world of lush, green highlands and bright, clear waterways, occupied by the Empire for over a decade.

    Beneath the surface, a culture shock is brewing. While the native dhanis hold the lands and valleys sacred, the Empire values ​​the territory for its tactical advantage and has displaced many of the locals and dissuaded them from their most sacred rituals.

    andor vel sartha


    Sartha leaves her camp to meet up with rebel Luthen Rael who unbeknownst to her introduces her to a new recruit, Cassian Andor, whom she introduces as Clem. She doesn’t want to add a stranger to her team but, desperate at Rael’s insistence, she decides to accept him and introduce him to the rest of the rebels as a member she herself has requested.

    Faye Marsay plays Ver after having participated in series such as ‘The White Queen’, ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Doctor Who’. She was also the abandoned girl, priestess of the God of Many Faces in the House of Black and White, in ‘Game of Thrones’ and appeared in ‘Hated in the Nation’, one of the best episodes of ‘Black Mirror’.

    new rebels

    andor vel sartha


    Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) is a mysterious man with an eye for valuable finds he goes to great lengths to locate the parts he needs to accomplish his goals. Chameleon in his dress and his identity, Luthen is able to hide behind countless faces and identities when she needs to. He has all sorts of exotic tools at his disposal, including his cleverly modified transport ship Fondor.

    Arvel Skeen (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is a jaded and weathered soldier. who has spent a season in harsh imperial prisons. Fueled by rage, Skeen’s interest in rebel activity stems from his desire to exact revenge on the Imperial authority that put him in a cell.

    andor vel sartha


    Karis Nemik (Alex Lawther) is the youngest member of a rebel infiltration team stationed in Aldhani.. An intelligent rebel enthusiast (and a gifted astro-navigator) who makes up for his lack of experience with his idealistic ideas and his willingness to risk everything for his beliefs.

    Taramyn Barcona (Gershwyn Eustache Jnr), once a stormtrooper in the service of the Empire, defected and now acts as chief of operations for the Aldhani rebel infiltration team. Barcona’s knowledge of imperial machinery is invaluable. Strategically, Barcona plans each step of the mission to ensure the success of a complex heist behind enemy lines.

    Cinta Kaz (Varada Sethu) is apparently young and small in stature, but don’t be fooled., is a cold and steely rebel warrior who effectively uses the overconfidence of her enemies to carry out her attacks. Easily overlooked, Ella Cinta puts the cause first, sneaking into her position with the goal of dealing maximum damage to the Empire.

    Lieutenant Gorn (Sule Rimi) wears the uniform of the Empire to hide the heart of a rebel. A double agent working within the Imperial command at the Aldhani outpost, Gorn has been stationed on the planet for seven years. In that time he has come to understand and appreciate the native culture, something his colleagues often overlook.

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