With adjustments, the Senate endorses reform in the armed forces;  Military follow Ken Salazar;  and more |  National headlines 10/05/2022

These are the highlights of this Wednesday, October 05, 2022 in the main newspapers of national circulation:

Firm, now! PRIMOR and PRD march together

The opposition assures that it does not guarantee security to mobilize more soldiers

With adjustments, the Senate endorses reform in the armed forces

Extends until 2028 the military presence in public security

Military follow up on Ken Salazar

They monitored activities in the field and on social networks of the US ambassador in Mexico, point out the Guacamaya Leaks

Sheinbaum: rescue of the AICM, vital for employment and the economy

Interview. On the ground, the airport in Texcoco would have required permanent maintenance due to the risk of “major subsidence”, justifies the head of government

Corrected and increased military reform endorsed

WITH 11 VOTES from the opposition, Morena expanded the support of the Armed Forces in the streets, but there will be scrutiny from the Legislature and a fund for local police

IP sees food safety risks

BUSINESSMEN. There is concern about opening to imports without sanitary controls; They ask the Treasury to adjust the PACIC 2.0

Pemex falls short of its crude refining goals in 2022

Fuel production, at 50% of the target as of August


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