The coronation of Carlos III already has a date and it will be sooner than expected

The moment that Carlos III has waited for all his life already has a date. The coronation of the successor to Queen Elizabeth II will take place on June 3, 2023.

According to the US agency BloombergBritish government sources stated on condition of anonymity that in the summer of next year the coronation of King Carlos III will take place at Westminster Abbey, London.

For this moment, Carlos III will be 74 years old and will be the oldest person to be crowned in British history. Her predecessor, Elizabeth II, was crowned when she was just 25 years old.

Photo: The Royal Family

June 3, 2023 is a very significant date for the royal family as the 2nd will be the 70th anniversary of the coronation of the late Elizabeth II, who took 16 months after her father’s death to be crowned. Carlos III will not wait a year to be crowned.

Almost 70 years after his mother, Carlos III will take the throne of one of the longest and most powerful monarchies in the world. Nevertheless, Bloomberg ensures that the coronation will be a smaller, more modest version of the previous ceremonies, with room for representatives of different faiths and community groups, in keeping with the diversity of modern Britain.

Charles will be crowned alongside his wife, the queen consort, Camilla Bowles, with whom he has been married for 17 years.

Photo: Reuters

The coronation ceremony includes several traditions that must be followed to give the power of the people and the church to Carlos III. The king will sit on a throne known as Edward’s Chair, holding the sovereign’s scepter and staff -to represent his constitutional control of the nation- and the orb of the sovereign -to represent the Christian world-. He will then be anointed with oil, blessed and consecrated by the high clergy, and the crown of St. Edward will be placed on his head.

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Named after the last Anglo-Saxon king, also known as Edward the Confessor, St Edward’s Crown is made of gold and has more than 400 precious stones, including rubies, garnets and sapphires. The version to be used Carlos III it was originally made for Charles II in 1661measures 30 centimeters and weighs 2.23 kilos.

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