Alleged National Guardsman Fires Rifle While Driving |  Video

An alleged member of the National Guard he activated a rifle while driving an official vehicle in motion and a corrido, a song of the Mexican regional genre, was playing on the radio.

In social networks they spread the video in which it is observed how the companion of the GN element records it while shooting at least 12 times the long gun out the window of the vehicle.

The clip went viral, so much so that the security unit published two messages on Twitter, in which it reports that the Internal Affairs Unit initiated an investigation to identify the presumed member of the Institution, as well as the companion.

“The full weight of the law will be applied to those responsible. Without exception, any element that acts outside the norm will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the matter.

He pointed to the dependency, adding:

“In the National Guard there is zero tolerance for impunity and acts of indiscipline.”

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