Expenditure on security grows, but homicides do not yield;  Go from manager to owner of SEP and more |  National headlines 08/16/2022

These are the highlights of this Friday, October 07, 2022 in the main newspapers with national circulation:

They cause ‘discomfort’ Unis of Welfare

They receive more than $4 billion, but there are no classrooms or classes

They will apply in Zacatecas peace plan led by DEA-FBI

Fighting drug traffickers, the objective

The number of police officers in the country decreases

From 2019 to 2021 the reduction was more than 10 thousand state elements; high budget and training, as well as low salary, the causes, say experts

Tatiana leaves the cabinet to enroll as a “cheerleader”

Resignation. Clouthier leaves the Ministry of Economy because he says he has nothing to contribute to the government; the President comments that he did not realize that his former collaborator tried to say goodbye with a hug

Porn videos and games open the door to hackers

DOWNLOADING risky CONTENT, sharing passwords and using free emails to deal with confidential matters are military practices that cause data leakage

Surprising resignation of Tatiana to Economy

MESSAGE. ‘Exhausted’ its ability to add to the 4T; Today they announce the replacement

The gap between stimuli for gasoline and income from oil and ISR grows

Fuel subsidies already total almost 308,000 million pesos


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