Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in 'Halloween: The End'

It’s been 44 years since Jamie Lee Curtis broke into Hollywood playing long-suffering nanny Laurie Strode, star of ‘Halloween night’, the John Carpenter classic that laid the foundations of the modern slasher and profoundly influenced subsequent generations of horror directors.

In 2018, Curtis returned to bring Laurie back to life in the new trilogy, directed by David Gordon Green, whose outcome hits the big screen on October 14. On the occasion of its premiere, the popular actress stopped by Madrid to present the film and eCartelera had the opportunity to chat with her about Laurie Strode and Michael Myers’ last showdown, more than four decades after they first met.

“It was orgasmic”Curtis says of that final climax between the iconic serial killer and the quintessential final girl. But to get to that moment, you have to wait a bit: “There are many preliminaries”keep going. “But then there’s a good burst of energy. There’s a long way to go between them, but that’s what these movies are made for. […] David Gordon Green and his creative team have done a fantastic and beautiful job making a trilogy with three films that are different from each other, connected, individual but together at the same time, and with a very satisfying ending.

Laurie and Jamie’s paths have developed in parallel, and the actress agrees when we tell her that her evolution from victim to empowered adversary is a metaphor for her own career in Hollywood. “I feel like I’ve been patient, like Laurie”says the interpreter. “All of Laurie’s qualities reflect on me and, in the end, we have become one person in many ways. I know that now I am happier, more beautiful, stronger, smarter, more creative, more committed… All those persevering qualities of Laurie Strode have been transferred to me to act and react as a public figure, creative and political”. After all this time, the time has come to say goodbye and turn the page, now definitely: “It’s time to let Laurie go so Jamie can finish his trail.”he concludes.

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“I don’t like these movies”

For reasons of destiny, Curtis’s career has always been linked to terror, but the actress is not afraid to admit that, as a viewer, it is not a genre that she likes. When we ask him how he imagines the future of horror and the role of women in scary movies, after the impact of her character, Curtis answers bluntly: It’s not for me to imagine the future [del terror]. Right now, I’m not thinking that I have to go to London afterwards. I am here with you. […] I am not an intellectual. I am a person with creative instinct. I am very proud that the term [final girl] was written by me, and when I’m an old lady and I look back, I’ll say ‘wow, that’s amazing’. I appreciate that, but the time has come for the next generation. Yours. It’s your turn to make horror, take the final girl and give it a new shape. It’s your turn”.

Pointing out that new generations of filmmakers are already rewriting the rules of horror, Curtis retorts: I couldn’t tell you why I don’t like these movies. So I don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I do not like. I only know what my contribution has been and it has been important. And I’m not being modest, I know: final girl, Jamie Lee Curtis, Laurie Strode! But beyond that, it’s not my job.”.

‘Halloween: The Ending’ opens exclusively in theaters on October 14th.


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