Missile launches are 'tactical nuclear' tests to send 'severe warning' to enemy: Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, stated on Monday that the launch of the latest missiles from Pyongyang over the past week are “tactical nuclear” tests that he himself would have directed.

The Korean president indicated that the “military training of the tactical nuclear operations units” of the North Korean Army has been carried out between September 25 and October 9, with the aim of “verify nuclear war deterrence and counterattack capability” and “to send a severe warning to the enemy”, collects the KCNA agency.

In this sense, North Korea justified these military exercises of the Armed Forces due to the escalation of tension in the region due to the presence of the United States.

“The relevant military exercises of the ROK Army were held at a time when large-scale naval forces of the allied forces – including US Navy aircraft carriers, Aegis destroyers and nuclear-powered submarines – were conducting dangerous military exercises in the waters of the Korean peninsula”continues the letter from the aforementioned agency.

Thus, North Korea explained that the response provided by his country was due to a “unavoidable situation”which the highest authorities of the nation dealt with.

“The Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea discussed the political and military situation (…) and sent a strong military warning to the enemy, for which it was decided to organize and proceed with practical military exercises at various levels”, reads the text.

In addition, Kim positively valued the result of the military activities carried out in the mentioned period, since he considers that Korea “maintains to a high degree its ability to respond quickly and accurately even in unforeseen circumstances and at any time, and is highly equipped to respond to the nuclear situation.”

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At that time, South Korea and Japan performed together with the United States naval activities during the last week of September, for which Washington sent the aircraft carrier ‘US Ronald Reagan’.

In the early hours of October 4, Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japanese territory to later fall into the Pacific Ocean, outside Japanese airspace. This measure forced the Japanese from the north of the country -Hokkaido and Aomori- to take refuge.


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