Shakira shows a trampled heart after breaking up with Piqué

Shakira has shared the video of a crushed heart on social networks.

The 45-year-old pop star split from the footballer Gerard Piqué in June after 12 years as a couple and took to social media on Saturday to say she was “hurt” but did not clarify what the message was about.

Along with a video of a crushed heart for a man’s foot, she wrote on Instagram: “I never said anything but it hurt. I knew this would happen.”

The ‘Whenever, Wherever’ hitmaker has two children, Sasha, seven, and Milan, nine, with the FC Barcelona and previously admitted that he had tried to “hide” the breaking off to his children.

This Sunday Shakira announced his new song: ‘Monotony’In collaboration with Ozuna.

In an interview a few days ago, he said, “Oh, it’s really hard to talk about this personally, especially since this is the first time I’ve addressed this situation in an interview. I stayed quiet and just tried to process it all. Um, and yeah, it’s hard to talk about that, especially because I’m still going through it, and because I’m in the public eye and because our separation It’s not like a normal separation.

“So it has been difficult not only for me, but also for my children. Incredibly difficult. I have paparazzi camping out in front of my house 24/7. And there is no place where I can hide from them with my childrenexcept in my own house. You know, we can. Not going for a walk in the park like a normal family or going out for ice cream or doing any activity without them paparazzi follow us So it’s hard. And I have tried to hide the situation in front of my children,” he stated.

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