AMLO thanks Congress for leaving the Army on the streets until 2028

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador thanked the Chamber of Deputies approve the opinion that will allow the Army performpublic safety aborts until 2028.

The president said that with this reform provides legal certainty to the armed forcesa situation that did not occur in previous administrations.

AMLO criticized that the opposition has rejected the reform when it was the rulers of their parties who brought the Army to the streets, although without having a legal framework to regulate their actions.

“I take this opportunity to thank the legislators because it has already been approved that the National Guard be supported by the Sedena and the Navy, that it continue to be supported, and that the National Guard be strengthened,” he said.

“And it is not militarizing, that the authoritarians do not want to pass as human rights defenders now. What did the conservatives do with the Army? Using it to repress, without constitutional foundation, illegally, they used the Army, the Navy for public security tasks, and also without respect for human rights, they are reverend hypocrites, and now that a constitutional reform has been made and puts the accent on the defense of rights, now the clothes are torn “.

Yesterday, after an eight-hour discussion, the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved, by a qualified majority, the constitutional reform that extends the participation of the Armed Forcess in public security tasks until 2028.

The draft decree was approved in general and in particular by 339 votes in favour, 155 against and two abstentions and it was sent to the local congresses for its ratification. The majority of Morena rejected all the reservations presented.

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The legislators approved the project with the modifications made in the Senate of the Republic, which include the creation of a bicameral commission to analyze and rule on the reports submitted by the Executive to Congress, which now They will be semi-annual.

In addition, the heads of the Federal Security Cabinet may be summoned to appear before said commission, and from 2024 the co-responsibility of the three levels of government will be observed in strengthening public security institutions, with special budget items.

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The reform allows the President of the Republic to dispose of the Armed Forces in public security tasks. It is established that this participation must be extraordinary, temporary, regulated, supervised, subordinated and complementary.

NowThe reform must be approved by at least 17 state congresses to be in the Constitution.

In this regard, President López Obrador asked for the support of the states to endorse the reform.

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