Femicide in Edomex: he killed a young woman because he won an internet chess game

The bet was simple: if Lev Norman lost the virtual chess game he was playing with Lucero, a girl he met on the internet, he would dress as a woman. When he lost, he decided to summon the young woman to her house to pay off the bet, and then he murdered her. Today the man is prosecuted for femicide in the State of Mexico.

The events occurred on October 3 in the municipality of San Mateo Atenco, reported the State Prosecutor’s Office.

The Undersecretary of Federal Public Security, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, explained that the perpetrator established communication over the internet with the victim.

It is known that the detainee today established a relationship with the victim by establishing communication with a video game, virtual chess.

After losing the bet, Lev Norman told Lucero that he would pay her the bet, but not in public, but that he would dress as a woman at his home, in the Barrio de Santiago, in the municipality of San Mateo Atenco.

He asks the victim for the address to arrive and tell him that he was going to dress as a woman in the place, but already being in the place, in the house, he deprives Lucero of his life.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) reported that it was able to link Lev Norman to the process, after proving his probable participation in the young woman’s femicide.

According to the authorities, the young man tried to flee but a relative of the victim, after realizing the facts, tried to stop him. Finally, the man was arrested and a backpack was found where, apparently, he was carrying human remains.

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