Lorde sends delicious detail to her fans;  he now he played pancito de muerto before the concert |  Video

During his visit to Mexico, lorde It showed the great quality of an artist that he is.

The 25-year-old New Zealand singer not only delighted with two amazing performances at the Pepsi Center WTC in which everyone sang hits like ‘Ribs’ and ‘Buzzcut Season’, but also had some details that his Mexican fans will never forget.

The first day of Solar Power Tour in Mexico City, Lorde’s staff surprised with churros to all those who, for hours, stood in line to have the best place during the concert.

But for the lucky ones on the second date, the surprise in line was bread of the dead

In videos posted on social media, Lorde’s team is seen walking through the queue outside the Pepsi Center WTC with boxes full of traditional Mexican sweet bread.

During the performance, Lorde walked offstage and approached the audience. Some in the front row managed to take her hand and she even leaned on them with a tender gesture.

As if that were not enough, some lucky people were able to talk and take pictures with herbecause after concluding his presentation, Lorde went out to the street to live with his fans.

On the first day, some of the attendees recorded the moment in which Lorde says that before her concert she hoped that they will throw a Dr. Simi stuffed animal at himWell, his cousin, who is Mexican, explained to him that it is a way in which Mexican fans show their love.

The singer was showered with stuffed animals during her performances. She later shared pictures on Instagram.

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