'Morning Joe': Scarborough Rails on Steve Scalise for 'Lying Through Your Teeth' Over Jan. 6 Insurrection

Trevor Noah had much to discuss about twice impeached former President Donald Trump during Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” starting with reports that an aid was caught on camera moving boxes at Mar-a-Lago after the Justice Department issued a subpoena demanding the return of all classified documents.

“I’m sorry, Trump is a legend,” Noah laughed. “Who else gets caught committing crimes with their own security cameras? Quien eres? How are you real? You realize this guy’s there like, ‘Hurry, move those classified documents so I can illegally hide them from the FBI. But first, let’s all wave at that blinking red light and tell it our names. Donald J. Trump. The ‘J’ stands for genius.”

While the comedian certainly got a kick out of the news, he also called it “inspiring.”

“Trump is so bad at crime, but he gets away with so much of it. It just shows us that we could do crime too. He’s like the drunk couple at karaoke. Hearing them screech, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ gives you the confidence to try ‘Kiss From a Rose,’” he said.

Speaking subpoenas, Noah then turned his attention to the Jan. 6 congressional committee, which has now issued a new subpoena to speak with Trump himself.

“Finally,” Noah said. “How are they only deciding this now? It’s like doing a whole murder investigation and then on the last day being like, ‘Should we, like, talk to the murderer?’”

While many assume that, despite the subpoena, Trump will not testify before the committee, Noah argued that the former president might be encouraged to take the stand for one reason.

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“On the one hand, yes, he thinks this is a crooked witch hunt that is out to get him. But on the other hand, the ratings,” Noah said. “Can you imagine the ratings? This would be like the Super Bowl meets Watergate meets ‘Game of Thrones’ meets a mandatory HR video about sexual harassment. Everyone will be watching.”

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