Trivial: Would you recognize 50 movies by a frame?

    Being a cinephile is easy, but having a cinephile visual memory is an art. This trivia tests how quickly you could identify an image with the title of the movie it belongs to, and for tuition it would also be to identify the director and even the year. But let’s not be emboldened: if you tell us what these fifty films are, we’ll settle for it. Are you one of those who will get a good grade or one of those who will not dare to share the result on social networks?

    This list brings together some of those film classics that every movie buff should have seen, such as ‘How beautiful it is to live’, ‘With skirts and crazy’ and some many films by Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra, William Wyler and more. These films are part of a perfectly recognizable classic Hollywood, and surely the definitive clue to identify them will be given by the stars of the screen: Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Vivien Leigh and more are icons for movies like the ones in this trivia.

    Now, this does not mean that everything will be old movies. In fact, the selection is incredibly wide, from the best films of the 80s like ‘The Goonies’ to some of the best Spanish films of all time, with another helping of stars (homelands) like Penelope Cruz. There are cult films and other popular and blockbuster ones, there are all kinds of stories, periods, directors, origins, production sizes and also genres (from the best comedies to the best horror films), so it is statistically impossible that you do not get it right. at least one or two. Your reputation as a movie buff is at stake.

    If you have already gone through our trivia about how much you know about the movies of the 80s, or you have dared with this other trivia to identify classic Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne (it is more difficult than it seems), it is time to address a more general theme and identify these fifty films. Look carefully at all the details of the images and be careful with the options that we offer you in the answers, because more than one is set to catch. We never said we were going to be good. Good luck!

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