'Adorn' bar with fake corpses hanging in Playa Vicente, Veracruz |  Video

Due to the proximity of the Day of the Dead and Halloween, “The Oyster Bar” located in Playa Vicente in Veracruz placed black bags in the shape of human bodies at the entrance of the premises.

According to information from local media, members of the Veracruz State Attorney General’s Office arrived at the nightclub due to the concern generated by the population.

For its part, the Municipality of Playa Vicente issued a statement in which they denied any violent act during the last hours in the town.

Photo: Facebook (Vicente Beach 2022-2025)

local authorities they exhorted the population to avoid carrying out this type of decorationbecause “they only distract the security corporations from their relevant tasks” in a municipality of Veracruz that is located disputed by criminal organizations.

Until now The type of sanction that “The Oyster Bar” will receive is unknown for placing the bags in the shape of human bodies, although a worker at the establishment revealed to Millennium that the “decoration” was not yet complete and skulls were missing, as well as a wooden coffin

“Today It was going to be clarified that it is a simple decoration, but they no longer let us do it. We wanted to mix it with things of terror, but the bags have already been lowered, ”said the employee to Millennium.

Through social networks, the video was broadcast in which they can be seen the false corpses hung upside down that simulated a gush of blood which caused the population to be alarmed by thinking that they were real human bodies.

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(With information from Christian Granados)


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