The 2022 Qatar Cup arrives in Mexico;  Ebrard welcomes her at the AIFA |  Video

The FIFA Cupa trophy that will be delivered to the Qatar 2022 World Cup champion, arrived in Mexican territory this Saturday.

With mariachi and dance included, the Cup was received by the secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard, on behalf of President López Obrador, at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

“We are the first country in America to receive this cup, this trophy, which symbolizes the passion for football and many other things, international coexistence, rules of the game, respect for others, it means fair play”, said the Mexican foreign minister.

He added: “football is very important but the respect among all and the communication of all peoples is more important”.

He recalled that the trophy will tour the country and will be exhibited in the Mayor’s Office Iztapalapa 15 and 16; in Monterey on the 19th and on Guadalajara on October 2nd.

Mexico will have a very important presence and I take this opportunity to thank Qatar for its support. The ambassador has been very active. Mexico is going to have its Mexico Center in Qatar, we are ready, we are going to have our personnel there, we are going to be there on time”, he pointed out.

The chancellor shared the moment on his social networks. On Twitter he uploaded a video with the former Spanish soccer player, Carles Puyol, World Champion in South Africa 2010.

“Look who’s coming, look who’s coming,” says Ebrard.

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