'The king of cash', the resignation of Tatiana Clouthier and the militarization of public security, the best of the week in politics (do not publish)

The week started with the publication of the book ‘The king of cash’, of the journalist Elena Chavezwhich has been a controversial topic in political discussion.

In interview with Aristegui Livethe journalist Elena Chávez said that his book is a personal testimony of the operations that she observed when she was a sentimental partner of Cesar Yanezone of the people closest to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Chavez pointed out that since Federal District Government, Marcelo Ebrard sent cash to López Obrador through Mario Slim.

Journalist Enrique Galvan Ochoa revealed in Aristegui Live what were the true reasons of Tatiana Clouthier to resign from her post as Secretary of the Economy.

The journalist said that last Friday, after Clouthier resigned, had a chance to talk to her and explained his reasons for leaving the ownership of the Ministry of Economy.

Militarization of public security advances; Now there is a lack of endorsement from 16 state congresses

After eight hours of discussion, on October 12, the Plenary Session of the Chamber of Deputies approved, by qualified majority, the constitutional reform that extends the participation of the Armed Forces in public security tasks until 2028.

The draft decree was approved in general and in particular by 339 votes in favour, 155 against and two abstentions and it was sent to the local congresses for its ratification. All reservations submitted were rejected.

The project with the modifications made in the Senate of the Republic, which include the creation of a bicameral commission to analyze and rule on the reports submitted by the Executive to Congress, which now They will be semi-annual.

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Documents extracted by the collective macaw portray the fragility of the groundwhere the mega-work is carried out, according to an analysis carried out by three companies at the request of the company itself Secretary of National Defense.

The risks of sinking have been warned by environmentalists, who have denounced the delicate system of caves and cenotes that dominates the region.


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