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The closing statements of the January 6 committee took center stage during the “Saturday Night Live” cold open this week, and yes, Nancy Pelosi’s “I’m gonna punch him out” comment was addressed.

Kenan Thompson opened the sketch as Rep. Bennie Thompson, who explained that the committee was formed to fight back against the attempted insurrection of the US government: “We assembled a team of monotone nerds to do a powerpoint.”

Heidi Gardner’s Liz Cheney chimed in on the Democratic/Republican divide over the panel by saying, “Whether you’re a Republican who’s not watching or a Democrat who’s nodding so hard your head is falling off, one person is responsible for this insurrection, Donald Trump, and one person will suffer the consequences, me.”

This led to an extended riff on Cheney’s decision to be so vocally anti-Trump as a consequence of being raised by Dick Cheney. “You might wonder, how do you have the guts to take on your entire party alone? And I would say, who tucked you in at night? Was it Dick Cheney? She added, “I guess you could say I have big Dick Cheney energy.”

The cold open addressed the documentary footage that surfaced earlier this week of Nancy Pelosi trying to get a hold of then-Vice President Mike Pence on the phone. Chloe Fineman played Pelosi, largely sticking to what was said in the documentary footage, while Sarah Sherman’s Chuck Schumer appeared as a buffoonish presence, using his phone to order DoorDash.

We saw Fineman’s Pelosi say the Speaker’s “If Trump comes, I’m gonna punch him out, and then I’m going to jail” comments verbatim, to which Sherman’s Schumer quipped, ““Let me tell you, if Trump comes I’ m gonna let him punch me in the face. I’ll go to the hospital. Freesoup.”

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The cold open even cut to “footage” of Trump on the toilet during the insurrection, giving James Austin Johnson’s impeccable Trump impersonation more airplay as he went down a rabbit hole of thought about why votes don’t matter and Uncle Sam’s hat before saying into a phone, “Is Mike Pence dead yet?” The line drew some gasps from the studio audience and even caused Kenan Thompson to pause before his next line.

The sketch concluded with Thompson saying, “I want to thank my colleagues for throwing away their summers and in some cases their careers to serve on this committee. America, I don’t know what more we could possibly show you, except this clip of Nancy Pelosi saying ‘poo poo.’”

At which point, yes, they cut to a clip of Fineman’s Pelosi saying “poo poo.”

Watch a clip from the sketch in the player above.

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