People like Lula 'must be extirpated from public life,' says Bolsonaro

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, again raised suspicions on Monday without evidence or foundations about the operation of electronic ballot boxes and said that the analysis of whether there was fraud in the first round of the October elections is being done by the Armed Forces.

“Right now, as the Armed Forces have been invited to join an electoral transparency commission, this work is being done by the Armed Forces (…) they have a great team in the Cyber ​​Defense Command working on this matter,” Bolsonaro said in a statement. Radio of Rio de Janeiro.

The military announced that it would analyze the impartiality of the first round of voting held on October 2, but more than two weeks later they have not publicly presented a report on the matter.

Recently, when asked if he had received the report from the Armed Forces on the elections, Bolsonaro refused to answer.

The national and international observers who followed the elections attested to their impartiality and there were no complaints of fraud in the voting system.

Even so, Bolsonaro, who appears in second place in the polls behind former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, repeated in the interview unfounded accusations and suspicions that the ballot boxes are susceptible to fraud.

“Everyone is unanimous in saying that there is no impenetrable system, no inviolable system,” he said. “The TSE is with a rather old-fashioned ballot box, from the end of the 90s.”

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has already clarified on several occasions that the system is auditable, for example, through the ballot papers printed by each of the teams at the end of the vote, and that the electronic ballot box is never connected to the internet.

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Bolsonaro has also refused to answer in the past whether he would accept the election result if he is defeated in the second round, scheduled for October 30.

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