Studies are carried out on a black bear wounded by a bullet in Nuevo León

The wounded bear that was found in the streets of the municipality of Santiago, Nuevo León, is already receiving specialized care, waiting to see if he will be able to recover.

Basic analyzes are in process to remove a bullet.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection in Nuevo León, together with personnel from Parks and Wildlife, moved the black bear to a vet (Ursus americanus) approximately 7 months old injured in the hind limbs.

The specimen was sedated to perform a tomography; They will also take radiological plates and draw blood for laboratory analysis.

Veterinarians seek to thoroughly understand the damage that the animal presents and the inability it has to move its hind limbs.

The representation of Profepa in the entity is in the process of managing the transfer of the specimen to a place where the bullet can be extracted, to subsequently begin its rehabilitation.

The animal was found injured last week, with exposed muscles and tendons, the first diagnosis was spinal cord injury.

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