'Harry Potter' Actor Tom Felton Reveals Alcohol Problems

“Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard” is the title of the new book that collects the memories of the actor Tom Felton, known for playing Draco Malfoy in the film series Harry Potter, character with which he achieved worldwide fame while he was a teenager.

Felton’s adolescence was hard, since at the age of 15 received a death threat and took on the “shallow” world of Hollywood.

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Now in his memoirs, the 35-year-old actor confessed that his world became “night parties” as well as “great and free things”, but that he felt more and more in a “silence” that little by little led him to fall into alcoholism.

I showed up at performances unprepared, I wasn’t the professional I wanted to be. But alcohol wasn’t the problem. It was the symptom.

Nevertheless, help for Tom Felton came unexpectedly from his lawyer and with the help of his ex-manager, who organized a fake film offer meeting to talk to the actor.

Felton’s legal representative was clear when speaking with the young actor to reveal that it was the 17th intervention he was carrying out in the world of entertainment and that 11 people died.

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Felton had to go through three rehabilitation processesthe first time he was admitted he had to leave in less than 24 hours and on the second occasion he was expelled for breaking the rules of the center where he was.

A few years passed before Tom had a relapse that took him to a clinic for the third time. Now, the celebrity is glad that he recognized his problem in time and don’t feel ashamed to talk about it.

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Photo: Instagram (@t22felton)

Tom Felton’s new book came out a couple of days ago, there recounts his life growing up “being a magician” and he had to stabilize his personal life outside of fiction.

Among other confessions he makes throughout his memoirs, also reveals that he had a “secret love” for Emma Watson and praises the acting work of his other companions in the saga of Harry Potter.

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Photo: Instagram (@t22felton)


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