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Black Superman, as some Hollywood media have decided to call it, is once again in the orbit of Warner and DC. This is known.

Dusting off a project from the past, DC has just leaked the information that a production of a african american superman. Some names were around the previous rumors, but only two would be really related.

Is about JJ Abrams Y Michael B Jordan. In fact, the first of these was linked shortly before the comments ceased. Still, he seems to be the most committed to this happening.

And although there is not much new information that is handled about it, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that there is still some progress in Warner Bros Discovery. Although Abrams’ role with the studio is unclear at this time, especially since several of his WB-produced projects have already been canceled or are seeking new platforms, the trailer specified that he is still on track to produce the new Superman movie from Coates. There is still no update on where they stand with the script and cast, as well as who will direct the “Black Superman” reboot. This is how they have nicknamed the project.

There is a conflict with the above and it is the change of format. Originally DC had budgeted to make a film, but later became more convinced by seeing it as a series. In fact, the initial conception kept this related to HBOMax. What is known is that the producer Outlier Society is behind it.

The interesting thing, and what is related to the inclusive issue, is that this company is owned by Michael B Jordan. In this way, after all the rumours, it seems that it is confirmed that there will be a black Superman in live-action.

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Already on the plot, it is expected that there will not be a change of ethnicity of the character, since he will play Calvin Ellis oa Val-Zod. They are both African American in the comics. However, for the collective imagination there will be a different configuration in terms of race, since most associate the hero with the Caucasian alter ego of Clark Kent.

From what had been said before, the journalist Jamie BroadnaxJordan has not wanted to participate in conversations about the race of Kal-El for the same reasons many of the fans are rejecting the current reimagined version of Warner Bros. of Clark Kent, but that he would be interested in participating in a project of Black-Superman centered on the story of Val-Zod”further confirming the above.

On the other hand, it was announced that the installment already has a scriptwriter in charge, whose identity has not yet been revealed. Likewise, it is believed and assumed that he will be the same Michael B Jordan who stars in the product in question. Consequently, it is expected to have more information about it shortly.

This news comes at a cusp moment. Black Adamrecently released, brought back Henry Cavill as Superman, which would allow the coexistence of two men of steel on the big screen.

The attempt to get ahead Man of Steel 2 appears after the financial boost that Dwayne Johnson has on the producer.

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