Liga MX: Tuzos thrashed Rayados at the Hidalgo Stadium |  Video

It was an erratic and strange match…

Pachuca caress the ticket to the Final of the 2022 Liga MX Opening Tournament by winning 5-2 to Montereyfirst leg match corresponding to the second Semifinal, held this Thursday at Hidalgo Stadium.

The Tuzos tipped the scales in their favor with goals from Nicholas Ibanezauthor of a hat-trick at 9′, 86′ (penalty) and 90+2′, as well as Romario Ibarra at 23′ and Paulino De La Fuente at 47′; while, scratched came from behind to equalize the partial score twice with goals from Hector Moreno at 15′ and louis romo at 42′.

Monterey ended with 10 men, due to the expulsion of Érick Aguirre at 61 ‘, due to a very hard accidental kick to the Colombian’s belly Marino Hinestroza, who was removed from the field of play on a stretcher.

The Hidalgo team gave a first warning at minute 5 ‘, when the Ecuadorian Romario Ibarra He took a powerful shot on the edge of the area against the facilities of the Monterrey defense and the ball bounced before reaching Stephen Andrada, who appealed to his vast experience to clear the danger.

The second neglect of the underlined painting was even greater and had consequences. At minute 9, Victor Guzman took a corner kick from the left, the ball hit the small area before the eyes of Andrada Y Nicholas Ibanez he simply pushed it into the nets for 1-0.

But the premises did not defend better. At minute 15, Alfonso Gonzalez charged a foul, the ball traveled more than 20 meters in the direction of Stephan Medinawho tried a center shot when stepping on the small area, Oscar Ustari managed to deflect, but the rebound was left to Hector Moreno, whose header was enough for 1-1.

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Nevertheless, the lower table of Monterrey was a carnival. At minute 23 a ball from mauritius isais did not find Ibanez, but behind him appeared Romario Ibarrawho capitalized on the weak mark of Stefan Medinato define before the Andrada’s hesitant departure.

the merit of Rayados is that he did not stop fighting and, forced by his defensive errors, advanced lines in search of the tie. At 37′, Rudolph Pizarro He took a great shot with his right leg that went just wide.

And before the break, Monterrey matched the cards againthanks to a real goal from louis romowho hit him with his left leg, after a series of rebounds, and put the ball out of reach of Ustari, for 2-2 at minute 42.

after the break the Monterrey defense party continuedunrecognizable as the best in the tournament with only 13 goals conceded, because at minute 47 a service with the hand of Ibarra to the far post found asleep Jesus Gallardo and the newly admitted Paulino De La Fuente He finished off with his head to put the score up again 3-2 at Tuzos.

Monterey existence was complicated at 61′, when Erick Aguirre gave a taekwondo kick to the abdomen at the newly admitted Marino Hinestroza that Cesar Arturo Ramos sanctioned with a yellow card in the first instance, but after reviewing the play in the VAR, the whistler proceeded with the direct red. While, The Colombian midfielder was removed on a stretcher.

And after a great shot from Luis Chavez that brushed past the left post, the Ustari April Fool at 77′. Instead of covering the ball that was escaping along the baseline, the Argentine goalkeeper went down to Jesus Gallardo in the area and Ramos Palazuelos scored a penalty.

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Nevertheless, Rogelio Funes Mori charged at half height and Ustari washed his mistake with a great save at 81 ‘.

And from one area to another. At 83′, Erick Sanchez drove the ball at full speed for more than 40 meters and Celso Ortiz overwhelmed him in the large area. Another penalty, but this one Ibáñez did not waste it, cheated on Andrade, and expanded the advantage of the hidalguenses 4-2.

It was in added time, when Pachuca settled the game and, perhaps the series, by marking Ibanez his hat-trickafter pushing a drifting ball to the bottom at a shot by Javier Eduardo López that Andrada deflectedbut the ball hit the crossbar and served to the scoring champion of the tournament.

With this result, Monterrey will appeal to the epic in the second leg, to be held this Sunday at the BBVA Stadium, to eliminate the Pachuca and advance to the Grand Final.

Semifinal / First Leg
Pachuca 5-2 Monterrey

Stadium: Hidalgo
Referee: Cesar Arturo Ramos
1-0 (9 ′).- Nicolás Ibáñez
1-1 (15 ‘).- Hector Moreno
2-1 (23′).- Romario Ibarra
2-2 (42′).- Luis Romo
3-2 (47′).- Paulino De La Fuente
4-2 (86′).- Nicolás Ibáñez
5-2 (90 + 2 ′).- Nicolás Ibáñez

Oscar Ustari
Oscar Murillo
Gustavo Cabral
mauritius isais
Jose Castillo
Victor Guzman
(Javier López, 60′)
Luis Chavez
Erick Sanchez
Nicholas Ibanez
Romario Ibarra (Yellow, 38′)
(Marino Hinestroza, 60′)
(Roberto de la Rosa, 66′)
Aviles Hurtado
(Paulino De La Fuente, 45′)
DT: Guillermo Almada

Esteban Andrada (Yellow, 71′)
Hector Moreno
Stephan Medina
Jesus Gallardo
Erick Aguirre (Red, 64′)
Matías Kranevitter (Yellow, 4′)
(Maximilian Meza, 61′)
Rudolph Pizarro
(Rogelio Funes Mori, 61′)
Celso Ortiz
German Berterame
(Sebastian Vegas, 73′)
Luis Romo
Alfonso Gonzalez
(César Montes, 67′) (Yellow, 90+1′)
DT: Victor Manuel Vucetich

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