'Kick-Ass.  Ready to crush'

Chloë Grace Moretz has spent almost her entire life dedicated to the demanding, complex and exciting world of acting. A trade that has allowed her to play in a more than considerable number of cinematographic genres that have ended up discovering (and confirming) her as one of the most versatile and complete actresses of her generation.

Whether in projects of considerable dimensions or in small-budget films more oriented to the independent sector, Grace Moretz is one of those presences that, the moment they appear on the screen, manage to outshine the rest of the elements present. It is what you have to count in your favor with that halo of mystery from which you can transmit from innocence to evil, going through strength, conviction, affection or uncertainty.

Vindicating Chloë Grace Moretz with her best performances

1 ‘Kick-Ass. Ready to crush’

After showing a more than interesting talent with his first two works, the splendid ‘Layer Cake – Organized Crime’ and ‘Stardust’, the director and screenwriter Matthew Vaughn signed with ‘Kick-Ass: Ready to smash’ one of the best and most inspired superhero movies of the last decade. That’s what we’re talking about.

And it is that, adapting the comic by Mark Millar, the British filmmaker offered viewers a veritable festival of laughter, violence, great songs, memorable characters and, above all, really fascinating visual ideas, which made up entertainment as dizzying as it was fun. as exciting as it is outstanding. Unfortunately, the sequel was not up to the same level, but ‘Kick-Ass: Ready to Crush’ continues to shine against its heroic and mammoth competitors from the freshness, originality and potential of characters as unforgettable as the Hit-Girl who makes up a highly inspired Chloë Grace Moretz with the scene-stealer mode activated.

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Kick-Ass. Ready to crush on eCartelera

two ‘Let me in’
'Let me in'

When one, several days after seeing a film, remembers one of its scenes with a lump in the throat, one is aware that one has witnessed a film capable of leaving a mark. And that happens with this American remake of ‘Let Me Enter’, a proposal that picks up the witness of its Swedish original to enhance and complete it, understand it and respect it, render it emotional and moving tribute.

And the task was by no means easy. The film directed by Tomas Alfredson marked a small milestone in the history of the genre, being one of the most respected and beloved films by all those who were able to enjoy it in its short and unfair career in our country’s movie theaters. So the work that Matt Reeves had ahead of him was presented as a risk, for many, unnecessary. And so came another exception that confirms the rule: yes, you can do good or, as in this case, excellent remakes. Special mention for the capital interpretation of an unforgettable and moving, in the same doses, Chloë Grace Moretz.

Let me enter eCartelera

3 ‘Hugo’s invention’
'Hugo's invention'

Martin Scorsese, on his feet, launched himself into the cinema for the whole family with this extraordinary and highly underrated ‘The Invention of Hugo’, a visual poetry in permanent and colorful movement that, under its appearance of a children’s adventure, was discovered as the umpteenth letter from love for the seventh art of one of the most important directors in the history of cinema. A technical and narrative prodigy to which Chloë Grace Moretz added his characteristic charm, thus adding another excellent work to his resume.

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Hugo’s invention at eCartelera

4 ‘Carry’

Shattered by critics from the moment of its premiere, although the first stones already began to fall at the very moment the project was announced, ‘Carrie’ is a more than estimable remake of the masterpiece (and unattainable) by Brian de Palma. A revision clearly inferior to its unattainable reference that, however, had several very powerful elements in its favor, especially with regard to a cast where the dedication, presence and talent of a more than remarkable Grace Moretz shines with a special light. She alone justifies the viewing of the film, go.

Carrie at eCartelera

5 ‘damn neighbors 2’
'damn neighbors 2'

If you have doubts about Chloë Grace Moretz’s talent for comedy will dissipate the instant you sit down to enjoy ‘Damn Neighbors 2’, a sequel at the height of its hilarious precedent in which the young actress has a great time. A comedy that works from start to finish thanks to a set of perfectly greased gags and a cast fully dedicated to the cause of laughter.

Damn neighbors 2 in eCartelera

6 ‘The (mis)education of Cameron Post’
'The (mis)education of Cameron Post'

In this remarkable ‘The (mis)education of Cameron Post’ we find Chloë Grace Moretz’s best performance to date. His in the film directed by Desiree Akhavan is a tremendously complicated and demanding job that the actress pulls off brilliantly thanks to truly admirable simplicity, restraint and balance. A necessary and relevant proposal in the background that finds in the actress the dream accomplice to meet each and every one of her goals.

The (mis)education of Cameron Post in eCartelera

7 ‘The widow’
'The widow'

Directed by the irregular Neil Jordan, ‘The Widow’ is one of those hilarious thrillers that rises above the average thanks to its protagonists. And it is that, (much) beyond the ups and downs of its plot, the enjoyment of this film is provided by the wonderful performances of Isabelle Huppert and Chloë Grace Moretz, actresses who have a great time in this story of impossible twists, tons of important bad milk and scenes of admirable tension. Seeing them in action is the true pleasure of ‘The Widow’.

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The widow in eCartelera

8 ‘hidden passenger’
'hidden passenger'

A party. This is how ‘Hidden Passenger’ could be defined, a film directed by Roseanne Liang that combines with enviable skill such disparate genres as fantasy, warfare and terror, among others, and where the leading performance of a fabulous Chloe Grace Moretz. She is the real engine, heart and muscle of a tape that is enjoyed from beginning to end and that passes in a joyous sigh. One last and mischievous jewel to add to the actress’s career.

  'Let me in'

A palette of nuances with which the interpreter has captivated us on many occasions, doing it with special force in the eight works that we highlight in this special. A series of performances and films with which Chloë Grace Moretz once again demonstrated her immense talent and with which we want to vindicate her as the brilliant actress that she has always been.


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